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PEAT strikes deal for plasma thermal waste-to-energy system in China

Oct 10, 2013

By HazMat Staff

Plasma-thermal waste destruction systems player PEAT International Inc. has announced the successful commissioning of a Plasma Thermal Destruction and Recovery system in Shanghai, China.

The 60 kg/hr system, designed for medical waste and oil refinery sludge, was installed for Abada Plasma Technology Holdings, Ltd., an Asian-based renewable energy project developer.

"This is end-stage technology and sets the standard for clean hazardous waste remediation," said Joseph Rosin, PEAT International Chairman in a statement to media. "Only with plasma can you achieve temperatures high enough for waste destruction in a single-staged process."

Rosin calls the technology a 21stcentury solution that addresses three important needs: significant volume reduction, full pollution control and competitive pricing.

The "single stage" plasma-thermal process transforms hazardous waste through molecular dissociation at 1,5000C (2,7320F) into recoverable, non-toxic end-products, synthetic gas and heat (sources for energy recovery), metals and a vitrified glass matrix. Emissions are below the most stringent environmental standards used anywhere.

PTDR systems are in operation in California, Taiwan and China. Go to www.peat.com/chinasystem for a video of operations and acceptance test run data.