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Research & Development

PEAT designed, built, operated and maintained a 150 kW pilot plasma gasification system previously located at a facility in Huntsville, Alabama since 1992. The plasma gasification system was able to process 50 to 100 KGs per hour of test materials, depending on the material characteristics. The pilot plasma gasification system, which occupied approximately 310 square meters (3,300 square feet), was configured for testing, and was fully permitted for industrial waste treatment, toxic waste treatment and medical waste treatment.

All thermal treatment technologies processing industrial waste, toxic waste and/or medical waste require site-specific permits. In anticipation of these requirements, PEAT's early research, development and testing involved third party sampling and analysis of air, water and solid residue associated with the PTDR plasma gasification processing of a wide variety of industrial waste streams.

Over the past 10 years, PEAT has compiled a track record of performing hundreds of campaigns processing a wide range of waste streams. This dynamic and comprehensive database is instrumental in the permitting application process for new site-specific PTDR plasma gasification systems. PEAT's in-house database includes one of the largest independently validated gas composition and slag leachability tests - demonstrating the versatility and performance of the PTDR plasma gasification technology. Any waste that is candidate for thermal processing is a potential candidate for PTDR plasma gasification          processing.