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National Cheng Kung University - Tainan, Taiwan

At the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), PEAT completed the construction of a 3-to-5-metric ton per day ("TPD") PTDR plasma gasification system to process a wide range of solid waste streams, including industrial waste and toxic waste such as incinerator fly ash, medical waste and inorganic sludges. The plasma gasification facility can also process waste consumer batteries and other materials, including heavy metal sludges, refinery catalysts (hazardous waste streams that would generate valuable metal alloys). This plasma gasification facility, which was constructed as part of a comprehensive resource recovery facility funded by the Taiwan government, was commissioned in November 2004 and received its operating permit in January, 2005. PEAT designed, built and commissioned the PTDR plasma gasification facility and has been an active participant in the operations and maintenance of the plasma gasification facility on behalf of NCKU for its research purposes.

PEAT, and its contracting partner, RPTI International - a leading government-owned engineering/construction firm, were selected as the contracting team for a comprehensive resource recovery facility. The centerpiece of this facility is the PTDR plasma gasification system. This was the first time the Government of Taiwan committed financial and technical resources to the utilization of plasma gasification technology. This project also serves as a platform from which Taiwan may embark on a nationwide program to deploy plasma gasification systems for processing industrial waste like incinerator fly ash at many of its municipal waste incinerators.

Since its commissioning, the plasma gasification facility has successfully processed a wide range of industrial waste, including incinerator fly ashes.