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Advancing the development of the PTDR technology for industrial waste treatment
In 1990, Nashville, Tennessee based Mason & Hanger Company undertook a client-directed project to optimize the disposal of industrial waste from munitions manufacturing. Mason & Hanger determined that a Plasma Thermal treatment process, utilizing high-energy arc torches, best met the rigorous requirements demanded by the client for industrial waste treatment.

In 1992, Plasma Energy Applied Technology (PEAT), Inc. opened the first research & development facility using the plasma technology in Huntsville, Alabama. This 50-100 kg (110-220 lb) per hour plant allowed PEAT to refine the technology for industrial waste treatment and develop an extensive database of operating parameters for a wide array of industrial waste streams.

In March 2002, DAE Technologies, Inc., a holding company formed by the current PEAT management team, acquired all of the assets of PEAT, Inc. Finally, in December 2002, PEAT merged with DAE Technologies, and the combined entity was named PEAT International.